30th May 2015

I wanted to have another go at being able to offer it properly,” Olwen Fouéré says of Samuel Beckett’s prose Lessness.

Lessness uses random word permutation that calls for the reader to work to untangle the threads of sameness and difference to discern the underlying structure. It is a text Olwen has read before. “I really wanted to approach it completely differently this time.”

Born on the west coast of Ireland to Breton parents, Olwen has received numerous awards and nominations including Irish Times/ ESB Best Actress in 1999, 2000, 2006 and 2011, Dublin Theatre Festival Best Actor 2003 but one of her earliest accolades was the Dublin Festival Samuel Beckett Award in 1998.

Olwen explains Lessness is a text she has long felt connected to: “When I came across Beckett’s work, he was the first writer, certainly the first playwright that I felt passionate about.

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