by Barry Hearst, 19th March 2015

Rivverun had its genesis in an earlier visit to Sydney, when Fouéré was here for the 2011 production of Terminus. When the Irish consulate invited her to read Ulysses for Bloomsday she insisted on reading the final pages of Finnegans Wake, when the river dissolves into the sea.
Fouéré told ABC radio, “In this public space, I felt an extraordinary shift in the atmosphere as I was doing it, and there were a couple of moments where I just had the hairs standing up at the back of my neck, and could feel this higher frequency all through the room.”

As she stepped off the stage, she knew her next piece would be performing as the voice of the river in Finnegans Wake.

And what a remarkable performance it is. At the risk of getting biblical, Fouéré is Joyce’s words made flesh. She pulls Finnegans Wake from the page, in all its tangled, tumultuous beauty and breathes life into it. Joyce’s words are given wings.

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